Mehmet İnce

Mehmet İnce

Invictus Europe - Senior Penetration Tester


Mehmet INCE still continues his duty as the Senior Penetration Tester of PRODAFT / INVICTUS. İnce is known to be involved in the field of cyber security since 2004.

Especially, he has been recognized with his researches and experience in web applications/servers. He has also worked in a wide variety of projects as a developer and security consultant. So far, İnce has discovered and published security vulnerabilities in more than 150 open source applications.

Most of these findings are still available on exploit-db, as well as İnce’s blog page, where he shares his ideas about current security issues and offer his contributions to global security community.


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  • 5 Mart, 2020
  • 12:15pm - 12:40pm
  • İTÜ Maçka, Mustafa Kemal Amfisi